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All Guilds Meeting - January 2016

Аватар пользователя Doobes

It's a new year in the cavern, and with that, the first All Guilds Meeting of 2016, with new moderator Korov'ev!  The usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready to read, along with a helpful summary:

Guild of Writers

Hoikas started things off by mentioning that, according to Victor Haxman, Gehn Shard's Great Zero has already been 77% calibrated by explorers, an impressive feat!  There are plans for an activation party in the near future, so keep watching for further details!


Rarified and Christian Walther both detailed the recent small update to the MOULa client.  With it, new updates can now be added with greater ease and with much less effort for Cyan.  Due to this, the OU team is hopeful to start sending more frequent updates, about one or even two a month, coinciding with the usual server resets.

With all that in mind, testing on Minkata Shard after updates will be even more crucial.  Check here for details on how to install the shard and participate in testing.

MOULa Photo Contest

Snickuster announced the recent winners of an ongoing photo contest, which introduces a new theme every two weeks, with this cycle's theme called "Friends". 

The latest contest winners from the end of last month were Bree in first place, Grape in second, and Adam (Hoikas) in third.

To see all the entries and to participate yourself, you can visit the MOUL forum thread.  Remember to read the rules before taking pictures!

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 and Larry LeDeay finished out the meeting reminding everyone that the Cavern Tours, fresh off a holiday break, will resume on Friday, January 8th at 22:00 KI Time with the secondary tour the next day, Saturday the 9th, at 13:00 KI Time.

For more details and a full schedule, click here.


That's all for now!  Join Korov'ev next month on Saturday, February 6th at 13:00 KI Time in Kirel for the next All Guilds Meeting!

Информация о переводе: Сейчас отображен английский вариант содержимого, потому что перевод на русский язык на данный момент не доступен.

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